CPD Credits

Update and upgrade with CPD

Continuing professional development means addressing and filling specific knowledge gaps or otherwise keeping up-to-date with recent developments required for a profession, in meeting  the needs and commitments of a contemporary working society. As a holder of licenses for practicing in specific professions, e.g. for toxicologists, you are encouraged by your national licensing bodies to continuously expand your professional knowledge, for example by participation in courses and seminars. Your progress is usually documented in a diploma or a certificate including continuing education and training units (credits).

Seeing to individual needs

You can take the courses offered by safescimet as “stand alone” courses and you can earn credits for your personal CPD portfolio. We will therefore issue attendance certificates detailing the number of credits the course was worth. Credits are based, in most cases today, on the number of hours of contact time within each course. This would mean that a typical safescimet course would be awarded with 38 CPD credits corresponding to 38 lecture hours in a 4-5 days period.

For receiving the safescimet attendance certificate and CPD credits, you do not have to pass formal examinations. Participation in a course is open to all scientists working in safety sciences and related environments and there are no prerequisites for participating in courses for CPD purposes.

Certificate as document

A safescimet certificate to be taken advantage of for CPD can be used to document attendance at a continuing professional development programme to your professional National Licensing Body. Your National Licensing body usually accepts self-certification with evidence and a reflected account of what the delegate has gained from the course. safescimet seeks to receive facilitated formal acceptance by the major national licensing bodies in Europe by supporting the development of a Europe-wide accepted CPD standard. For further information on how to take advantage of CPD credits to document professional development, please contact your national licensing body.

Further information on CPD can also be found in an article on Teaching in a Continual Professionally Developing World, written by Shirley Price, safescimet course leader, and Wolf See, who represents Bayer in the EMTRAIN Consortium.