ECTS Credits


For every course you choose, successful completion of the formal examination at the end of the on-site training week, and finishing the home assignment, will be awarded an academic transcript certificate of the University of Konstanz. Your certificate documents the attendance of the on-site course, successful examination and home assignment, i.e. that an advanced studies award worth 3 ECTS credits has been achieved.

Credit transfer

Generally speaking, all your ECTS credits certificates or transcripts document course participation, that can be used in transferring credits into MSc projects, either within the safescimet, at university institutions, or into a PhD graduate project. For receiving the safescimet MSc degree though, you will have to undertake the exams and home assignments of all your courses. After accumulation of 45 ECTS credits by attending courses in the safescimet programme, by a thesis and thesis defending colloquium (15 ECTS credits), you can sign up for the safescimet MSc degree awarded by the University of Konstanz.