Learning Outcomes

Principle learning outcomes of the safescimet programme are novel competences in integrative translational safety sciences. Networking aspects between industry, academia and regulatory authorities add additional significant value to the course programme, thereby supporting personal continuing professional development.

All courses in the safescimet programme allow participants and professionals to develop a high level of understanding of a specialised area of the drug discovery, development and safety regulatory process. In general, as a successful participants of any of the safescimet courses you will

  • be able to identify and concisely formulate a drug safety sciences problem to be solved and/or a hypothesis to be tested
  • have acquired a thorough, critical and scholarly appreciation of the current scientific literature of a specialised area of medicines safety sciences and understand the limitations of current knowledge in that area
  • apply a translational and scientific integrative and holistic approach to a chosen problem
  • be able to analyse and interpret your findings, taking into account previous work
  • effectively present the results of such an investigation, both in writing and in oral presentation
  • be able to design translational studies or interventions
  • be able to identify, evaluate and apply appropriate methodologies
  • be able to critically analyse results using statistical methods

The course objectives and the associated learning outcomes of the individual courses are highly specific and are defined in the relevant course documentation. Please consult the Course Brochures for more details.