Master of Science

Innovative and focused

Toxicological safety aspects are a central criterion during the research and development of new medicines. With the post-graduate Master of Science (MSc) in Advanced Safety Sciences for Medicines, the Department of Biology at the University of Konstanz offers in cooperation with the European IMI-Project safescimet offers a part-time continuing education study programme with a focus on holistic, integrative and translational aspects of medicines safety prediction, providing professional competences in accordance with practical needs during all phases of drug research and development.

International and interdisciplinary

We offer you a consequently international and modular study programme:

  • The modular concept of the master's study programme in Advanced Safety Sciences for Medicines allows you to acquire necessary safety assessment competences that are required during all phases of drug development. Part-time study spread over two or four years is possible.
  • The five individual modules of the study programme are designed to cover training requirements in translational safety sciences, i.e. the integration of safety data through all disciplines during drug development from component research, toxicology to the pre-clinical and clinical trial phases.
  • The Master programme also covers pharmaceutical aspects of drug production as well as the necessary regulatory requirements including the post-marketing safety assessments of a medicines on actual patient groups.
  • The course programme has been developed by 14 European partner universities. The teaching faculties comprise academic staff from the hosting universities as well as expert speakers from pharmaceutical companies and  regulatory authorities from all over Europe.
  • With this particularly international orientation, the study programme strengthens the European position on safety sciences during drug development. The course language is English.

Study requirements and examination regulations

All relevant information about the study requirements and examination regulations you will find here.