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safescimet course 1.1 - Introduction to Safety Sciences in Drug Discovery and Development

Drug development from discovery to approval and marketing requires the staged interaction of numerous specialists and disciplines, including chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, clinical, regulatory and marketing. This introductory course will provide participants with a comprehensive overview of drug development with special emphasis on drug safety, enabling them to understand the role of safety sciences in the complex process that brings a new medicine to market.


On-site course dates

Course leader 
Prof Ole J. Bjerrum
Prof Daan J.A. Crommelin
Couse certificate 
CPD, ECTS, MSc optional
Course fees 
  • Company - 2.500 EUR
  • Regulatory authorities (government) - 1.250 EUR
  • Small and medium companies (up to 250 employees) - 1.250 EUR
  • Academic institution (universities) - 500 EUR