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safescimet course 1.2 - Safety and Efficacy of Cell Therapies

This course introduces the emerging area of the applications of cell therapies in the treatment of diseases, including mesenchymal stromal cells and stem cells. It addresses the key issues of safety and efficacy that need to be considered by developers of these therapies, including academics and the pharmaceutical/biotech industry, as well as the important area of regulation. The use of cell therapies in a range of disease models and clinical trials will be discussed. The course will also provide insight into the use of stem cells in the screening of conventional drugs for efficacy and particularly safety. European leaders in these fields, from Industry, Academia and the Regulatory Agencies, will contribute teaching sessions in a small, informal and interactive learning environment.

Key questions addressed by the course

  • Basic biology of cells used as therapies, including stem cells
  • Therapeutic treatment of diseases via novel therapeutics including cell therapies and extracellular vesicles
  • Drug safety aspects of novel therapeutic approaches – the key issues
  • Regulatory requirements for cell therapies
  • Safety assessment of cell therapies
Konstanz, Germany

On-site course dates

30 March 2020 to 2 April 2020
Course leader 
Prof Dr Daniel Dietrich
Prof Christopher Goldring
Dr Bettina Wilm
Couse certificate 
Course fees 
  • Company - 2.500 EUR
  • Small and medium companies (up to 250 employees) - 1.250 EUR
  • Regulatory authorities (government) - 1.250 EUR
  • Academic institutions (universities) - 500 EUR