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safescimet course 3.5 - Mutagenesis and Carcinogenesis

Please note: Do to the Cov-2 crisis safescimet course 3.5 will be postponed. New dates will be announced.

The development of new chemical compounds holds the potential risk of harmful mutagenic and/or carcinogenic effects to humans. Minimizing these risks during drug development requires appropriate experimentation and expert knowledge whose basic principles will be delivered with this course. Special emphasis will be given to the biology of cancer formation, the identification of mutagens and carcinogens and their modes of action on the cellular, biochemical and molecular level. In silico methods prediction as well as animal test systems and tissue culture assays for carcinogenicity testing will be presented. Furthermore, the importance of responsibly estimating dose-dependent probabilities of mutagenic/carcinogenic effects (risk assessment) and the risk-benefit evaluation will be discussed.

Key questions addressed by the course

  • Overview on the biology of carcinogenesis
  • Principles of mutagenesis and carcinogenesis
  • Examples of the mutagenic/carcinogenic actions at the cellular, biochemical and molecular level
  • Experimental design for specific identification of mutagenic/carcinogenic compounds
  • Interpretation of dose-response curves
  • Extrapolation of animal findings and experimental data to human
  • Safety data reports, authority guidelines
  • Risk-benefit evaluation

On-site course dates

Course leader 
Prof Dr Bettina Grasl-Kraupp
Dr Hans-Jörg Martus
Couse certificate 
Course fees 
  • Company - 2.500 EUR
  • Small and medium companies (up to 250 employees) - 1.250 EUR
  • Regulatory authorities (government) - 1.250 EUR
  • Academic institutions (universities) - 500 EUR