Introduction to the Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET/KIDNET)

- a trauma focused module for treatment of survivors of multiple and complex traumatic experiences

Survivors of multiple life-threatening experiences in the course of organised violence, sexual violence, mistreatment, neglect and other severe traumatic experiences show a much more fervid impairment of mental performance and psychopathological sympotmatology, the higher the overall sum of traumatic experiences. The Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) is an efficient core element in the psychotherapeutic treatment of persons who suffer from the consequences of those multiple traumatic experiences. The treatment is meant to specifically attend to and (re-)consolidate implicit memory representations in children (KIDNET) and adults (NET). This enables the patient to ascript the meaning of their experiences and integrate them in their biographic context. It also activates the resources of the patient and allows corrective experiences of relations in appreciative and empathic contact. Thus an appreciation of the person and the history of the survivor can be achieved. Due to the explicit testimony approach NET supports human rights and children rights work.

Based on the findings of the NET in adults we developed a form of the Narrative Exposure Therapy appropriate for children, the KIDNET, as well as a further developed treatment for adolescents coping with victim and perpetrator experiences, the FORNET – Forensic Offender Rehabilitation).

Our training offers an introduction into the theory and the basic principles of the Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) which can be experienced in small group tutorials and will thus be intensely learned. Furthermore, the training also includes self-awareness contents.

Introductory Courses

We offer courses introducing in the Narrative Exposure Therapy in English language.

Narrative Exposure Therapy In-House

You want to introduce your staff to the Narrative Exposure Therapy on-site? We offer two course types according to your needs!

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