Quality Assurance for University-level Continuing Education

Why is quality assurance important to us?

Continuing education provided by the Academy for Advanced Studies at the University of Konstanz is held to the same high quality standards as the rest of the university. Our focus is on research-led teaching and fulfilling the special requirements placed on university-level continuing education, such as practical relevance or the ability to study while working. In order to assure these high quality standards are met, we need students' feedback. This input allows us to optimize our continuing education programmes as well as our educational and didactic concepts

How do we implement quality assurance?

The University of Konstanz has had a system accreditation since 2014 and is thus responsible for the quality assurance and the continual development of its study programmes. More information about system-accreditation is available from the University of Konstanz and in an overview from Wikipedia. Quality Management is responsible for coordinating the university’s internal quality assurance process and for implementing the university’s quality management concept in research, the promotion of early career researchers, university study and teaching as well as in the university administration.

A systematic concept guides quality assurance in continuing education:

  • Every two years, Quality Management works with all the parties involved in a study programme to create a monitoring report for those managing the respective study programmes.
  • Every six years, external experts, including those working in applicable careers, are invited to lend their outside perspectives to the university’s quality assurance and development processes.

Against this background and in line with these requirements 2019/20 the further education studies

  • B.Sc. Motorische Neurorehabilitation (in German language),
  • M.Sc. Advanced Safety Sciences for Medicines,
  • M.Sc. Psychologie mit Schwerpunkt Forensischer Psychologie (in German language),

were succesfully accredited.

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Download Akkreditierungsurkunde B.Sc. Motorische Neurorehabilitation (in German language)
Download Certificate of Accredition M.Sc. Advanced Safety Sciences for Medicines
Download Akkreditierungsurkunde M.Sc. Psychologie mit Schwerpunkt Forensischer Psychologie (in German language)

Dimensions of quality

As a member of the Baden-Württemberg group of the German Association for University Continuing and Distance Education (DGWF), our offers also correspond to the quality standards of the DGWF group Baden-Württemberg.

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