Our Concept

The Konstanz Methods Excellence Workshops (komex) are organized by the University of Konstanz in collaboration with the Methods Excellence Network (MethodsNET) and hosted by the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz.

An Outstanding Combination

The 2024 Konstanz Methods Excellence Workshops (komex) taking place in February 2024 offer high-quality, pluralistic methodological training to PhD students. The event follows a strict not-for-profit logic and has three pillars: Excellence, Inclusiveness, and Sustainability. Therefore we rely on the strong methods expertise at our Department of Politics and Public Administration to offer in-person courses taught by local instructors. We also provide an equal number of online courses taught by renowned external instructors. As we do not fly in instructors, we can offer courses at extremely affordable prizes, while simultaneously securing the ecological footprint of the event and catering to the diverse needs of our audiences.


  • Outstanding local methods expertise (the ko in komex)
  • Invited instructors from around the globe
  • State-of-the art pedagogical principles and tools
  • Innovative format Microcredential


  • Pluralistic: Quantitative and qualitative approaches to data collection and analysis
  • Not-for-profit & highly affordable
  • komex & ekomex to cater to the needs of different audiences


  • We don’t fly in instructors
  • We keep our costs low
  • Excellent ecological footprint

Learning Infrastructure

  • ekomex courses are taught fully online.
  • All komex courses are taught in Konstanz. There you will find the particular creative.together learning environment and the University of Konstanz spirit.
  • Course materials are provided in Moodle.
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