Leadership for Syria

Under the academic direction of Prof Dr Wolgang Seibel, the Academy for Advanced Studies at the University of Konstanz developed the accompanying programme Leadership for Syria.

The aim of the programme was to equip the 190 Syrian scholarship holders studying on Master or PhD programmes at German universities with the political and administrative skills they will need to take on leadership roles and substantially contribute to the rebuilding of their native country.

The accompanying programme was developed in partnership with Center for Technology-Enhanced Learning at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Using the form of blended learning, the scholarship holders participated in three attendance phases at the University of Konstanz and study online in two three-month-long e-learning phases.

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The Accompanying Programme in the Media

Read and listen to reports on the accompanying programme here. The talk 'Leadership for Syria' - Principles and Pragmatism by Prof Dr Wolfgang Seibel, given in the context of the first face-to-face workshop of the accompanying programme, can be found in the Online Stream.

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Open-Minded Universities

The accompanying programme is an example of continuing higher education drawing on research for specific, non-traditional target groups. The programme thus contributes to Third Mission or Society University in the sense of the sociopolitical duties of open-minded higher education institutions.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) was responsible for the accompanying programme, which is financed by the German Foreign Ministry (Auswärtiges Amt) and the State of North Rhine Westphalia.

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