Virtual Academy

Our Learning Management System Moodle

In our virtual academy, we use the online learning environment Moodle to share information and documents as well as to provide internet forums for your continuing education. You can also get in touch with other participants and your lecturers via Moodle. We have chosen Moodle because the user interface is very intuitive and it is a dynamic open source application. Before your programme starts, we will send you the Moodle log-in details. Lecturers can use Moodle to provide information and documents as well as organize discussion forums. Lecturers can host webinars via BigBlueButton, the integrated videoconferencing tool in Moodle.

Your ePortfolio in Mahara

In addition to Moodle, we also offer Mahara. With Mahara, you can create your individual knowledge portfolio, keep a learning diary or use the feedback lecturers give you, also in the form of reviews, to reflect on your learning progress. As a service, you can continue to use our Mahara system even after you have completed your training or study programme.

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