The procject Demokratie.Bilden. comprises the development and design of compact continuing education courses for the target group of intermediaries, who work in the field of democracy teaching. Scientifically substantiated content is combined with profound didactic and pedagogical mediation concepts as well as accompanying consultancy offers in order to provide theses intermediaries with concepts and tools for reaching heterogeneous target groups.

In view of the manifest and potential threats to an open society, the complexity of the task democracy education remains permanently in focus, contenwise as well as methodically: Thanks to the contribution of several actors from the Alliance for Lifelong Learning with its cooperative structure and participants from the most diverse institutional and societal environments, the particular chance arises to develop and design teaching models of democracy education for intermediaries as well as to put them to the test in the most varied contexts. A broad normative consent of the players in this alliance hereby forms an important basis for the assessment and evaluation of the project results with a view to potential further perspectives.

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