Who We Are

Local Organiser

This event is organised by the Academy of Advanced Studies (AWW) at the University of Konstanz. AWW is the face of continuing education at the University of Konstanz, on the basis of the university’s legal mandate to develop lifelong learning concepts.

Academic Partner

The Konstanz Methods Excellence Workshops (komex) are organised in collaboration with the Methods Excellence Network (methodsNET). MethodsNET is a global network of methods experts in the social sciences who are dedicated to promoting accessible, world-class methods training, methodological pluralism, and methodological excellence and innovation.

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Academic Convenor

The founder and academic convenor of komex is Prof. Dr. Eva Thomann. Eva Thomann is a full professor at the Department of Politics and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz and an expert in Public Policy, Public Administration, and case-oriented and set-theoretic methods. Asked about her motivation to organize komex, Eva Thomann says:
Method schools are an amazing place of learning that can mark the beginning of collaborations, life-long friendships, and great academic careers. Given the many structural inequalities that prevail in Academia, PhD methods education should not be a privilege affordable only for few, but accessible to a broad segment of scholars from different backgrounds. With komex we hope to create an event that achieves excellent, inclusive, and sustainable PhD methods training, while catering to the diverse needs of different audiences. We work together toward this goal, and keep things simple.

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Our Instructors

All of our instructors have a track record of outstanding methodological expertise, and the intrinsic motivation to contribute to our vision of methods training that is affordable to all. The on-site komex workshops are taught by members of our political (and social) sciences faculty, who are well-reputed internationally for their methodological expertise. The online ekomex workshops are taught by renowned methodological experts from around the world, who are members of the methodsNET faculty.

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