Hilde Domin Training Programme

Under the scientific project management of Prof Dr Judith Beyer and her representatives Prof Dr Anke Loeffler and Prof Dr Wolfgang Seibel, the Hilde Domin Training Programme (HDTP) offers an accompanying training programme in a blended-learning format to scholarship holders of the Hilde Domin-Programme – a scholarship study programme for vulnerable students and doctoral candidates, who are formally or de facto deprived of the right to education or/and other basic rights in their country of origin.

Throughout three compact attendance phases at the University of Constance and two online semesters, the programme offers the modules Academic Education and Personal Training. While the first module comprises social and socio-scientific continuing education elements, the second module focusses on training offers for a personal further qualification of the scholarship holders, also with regard to the requirements of various labour markets.  The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) holds the conceptional and organisational responsibility for the Hilde Domin-Programme and the accompanying HDTP, financed by the Foreign Office of Germany.


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